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Dean's Update | January 24

"Following on the leadership of Dr. Beauchamp, we are working on a new scholarship campaign just for our college. This campaign will be the major focus of the college’s fundraising. For the past decade or so, we have been raising money for the Secchia Center and the Grand Rapids Research Center, but now scholarships are the top priority for fund raisers. Soon the college will launch a major gift campaign focused on scholarship support for our Spartan MD's. This effort will be led by a major gift committee and the CHM Alumni Board."

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Are Bigger Brains Better?

When it comes to certain parts of the brain, bigger doesn’t necessarily equate to better memory. According to a new study led by Andrew Bender, PhD, a larger hippocampus, a curved, seahorse-shaped structure embedded deep in the brain, does not always reliably predict learning and memory abilities in older adults.

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Dean's Update