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Study uncovers real culprits behind Flint water crisis

Many believe the events leading to the lead poisoning of Flint’s drinking water began in April 2014, when it started drawing from the Flint River. Others believe it began in November 2011, when Gov. Rick Snyder appointed an emergency manager to take control of Flint’s government.

While those actions were immediate and important factors in the crisis, Richard Sadler, an assistant professor of public health and co-author of a new Michigan State University study, has found that in order to understand its real genesis, one must go back decades and examine a series of governmental, social and economic policies that led to the city’s decline and ultimately to the contamination.


The power of Will

Boston Globe has published a five-part story about Will Lacey, who was just a baby when doctors diagnosed a rare form of cancer and told his family there was only one end. Nobody then could imagine the journey ahead, from hospital rooms to board rooms, research labs to government offices, a furious race between hope and death. The story includes the research done by Dr. Andre Bachmann, MSU College of Human Medicine Department of Pediatrics and Human Development, who was instrumental in bringing an out-of-patent drug, DFMO, to clinical trial to combat the deadly pediatric cancer neuroblastoma.
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Leading with Compassion

The latest edition of Grand Rapids Business Journal's "Inside Track" profiles Dean Beauchamp, who teaches treating everybody, especially patients, with respect.



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