College of

FAC-1 Postings and Literature – Secchia Center

Effective Date: 01/01/13
Responsible Party: Communications Director
Persons Affected: Faculty, Staff, Students and Visitors at the Secchia Center

1.0 Purpose:

Signage, postings, and literature in university buildings contribute to the open exchange of knowledge
and information. Knowledge and information shared through signage, postings and other literature must
be disseminated in ways that uphold the standards and the integrity of the institution; inform rather than confuse; are not excessive; promote the general welfare of students, faculty, staff and visitors; and protect the public and private investment of buildings and open spaces. This policy provides guidelines for the distribution and posting of signage and printed materials in the Secchia Center. This includes, but is not limited to the following: flyers, brochures, announcements, photos, banners, event postings,
advertisements, magazines, and other materials.

2.0 Definitions:

2.1 Postings: flyers, announcements, photos, banners, event postings and

2.2 Literature: brochures, magazines and other materials that are not official
publications of the College of Human Medicine.

2.3 Sign Holders: Designated holders for 8.5 x 11” printed flyers located in the
restrooms and elevators.

3.0 Policy:

3.1 All postings must adhere to Michigan State University standards for appropriateness.

3.2 Postings by college faculty, students and administration must follow College of
Human Medicine branding guidelines.

3.3 Postings are permitted only in specifically designated areas and must be
preapproved before displayed. They are not permitted in common walkways.

Designated areas include:

3.3.1 Designated sign holders in the elevators and the restrooms throughout the

3.3.2 Bulletin boards located on each floor and in the student lounge.

3.4 The use of scotch tape, masking tape or any other adhesive is prohibited.

3.5 Approved postings will be placed on a central calendar to be displayed and
removed at appropriate times by the Operations Office; approved postings will be
removed within one business day following the event.

3.6 All postings and literature are subject to removal at the discretion of the Dean or
Communications Director at any time.

3.7 No postings or other literature are to be removed by anyone other than the Office of
the Dean or Communications Director.

4.0 Procedures

4.1 Bulletin board postings: Contact Dr. Phil VanLente to obtain approval before
placing anything on any bulletin board, including those in the student lounge. or (616) 234-2668.

4.2 Postings or literature other than those intended for bulletin boards:
Present the material(s) to be posted or distributed to the Secchia Operations Office,
Room 461, located within the Dean’s suite. The Operations Office will:

4.2.1 Review all materials for adherence to MSU and College of Human Medicine
standards for appropriateness and branding.

4.2.2 If approved, place the stamp of approval on the materials to be

4.2.3 Inform the requestor of the decision to post/display or not to post/display. If
approval is denied, provide explanation to the requestor.

4.2.4 If the materials to be posted or displayed do not relate to a specific dated
event, determine a specific date range with the requestor.

4.2.5 Place the determined removal date on the stamp on the materials to be

4.2.6 Post/display the materials on the appropriate or agreed upon date.

4.2.7 Place the postings a central calendar to indicate the approved event date or
agreed upon date range.

4.2.8 Remove posted/displayed materials within one business day following the
event date or the agreed upon end date.

4.3 Refer questions to the Operations Office at (616) 234-2747