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Service Learning is a required curricular component in the College of Human Medicine, as part of the SCRIPT (Service, Care of Patients, Rationality, Integration, Professionalism, and Transformation) competencies adopted by the college's faculty. 

Students are required to complete 40 hours of a structured service-learning experience as a required curriculum component for graduation. The service-learning course is HM640 (1 credit) and can be completed in any of the years of medical school. This experience combines community service with preparation and reflection. Students will “learn about community concerns in context, will connect their service with their academic coursework, and will reflect on their future roles as professionals” (Seifer, SD. “Service-learning: Community-campus partnerships for health professions education”).   

A medical student must have a faculty advisor who will discuss the project with the student and agree to evaluate the student’s reflection essay. The student must provide evidence of approval with a community organization for the service activity.  All projects must be approved by the course director.  The faculty advisor will have criteria to use for evaluation of the reflection essay.  A student will receive a PASS grade from the course director for successful completion of preparation, participation in 40 hours of service, and the reflection essay.

Student Reflections:

Monika Dietrich

Maggie Collison in Peru

Ashley Hesson in Peru

Katie Rose Hackney at the Care Free Clinic

Chris McNicoll at the Friendship Clinic

Amanda Bishop in Belize