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Protocol for Service Learning Requirement

A reminder of the following:

  • You have the duration of your degree to complete the service learning 40-hour requirement.
  • Multiple opportunities and/or events may be used toward the 40-hour service requirement
  • Service opportunities must address a community need

 Effective September 1, 2018, we will use the following process for the Service Learning Requirement:

I. ECE only


  • Providing 40 hours of service. See list of service opportunities in your community
  • HM 556 Service Log is met by completing this form for any service activity (MCE)
  • Prior to beginning a service activity, students must submit a request for approval     

Access the following website and complete the form:

Service Learning Experience Form

  • All service learning opportunities that you intend to participate in must be entered at the website (regardless of being considered “pre-approved”) in order for us to have a record of your hours.
  • Form submission is expected prior to the service event.
  • Approval and confirmation of the opportunity will be sent to you and your Learning Society Faculty (ECE, MCE) once reviewed and accepted.
  • The form will encompass your Preparation for Service Essay within your responses         
MCE only
  • HM 556 Service Artifact
  • Reflection on service to date or vulnerable population
  • Access to link to complete this requirement will be provided during HM 556


Completion of Service & Next Steps

  • Verification of Hours of Service
    • Students must have their organization representative send verification of the hours of service to Jonelle Golding.
    • The Service Learning Hours Confirmation form may be provided to your organization representative for completion and submission to me to confirm the hours of service provided.
    • Confirmation of a total 40 hours of service, upon verification, will be sent to you (and your Learning Society Faculty if ECE, MCE)
  • Reflection Essay
    • Upon notification of 40 hours of confirmed service, student are expected to complete their reflection essay on the service they participated in.
    • View the rubric for your reflection essay
    • An email with your reflection essay should be sent to your Learning Society Faculty (ECE, MCE) or any CHM faculty member (LCE) requesting evaluation of the essay be submitted here.
    • A copy of the reflection essay should also be sent to Jonelle Golding to archive.
    • An email will be sent to you and your faculty to confirm receipt along with a copy of the evaluation
  • HM 655 – Service Learning Artifact
    • A request for submission of your Reflection Essay and faculty evaluation will be requested

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