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MSU, Lake Superior State University announce early assurance program for premed students

April 2, 2010

An agreement signed by Lake Superior State University and Michigan State University College of Human Medicine will provide an enhanced opportunity for LSSU pre-med students to attend medical school, especially if they are interested in practicing in an underserved area of medicine.

The goal of the partnership is to make a substantial contribution to the physician work force of the future and enhance LSSU's presence as a partner in the upper Michigan health care community. MSU College of Human Medicine will benefit by being ensured of a continued pipeline of well-qualified students who will likely return to northern Michigan to practice.

Announced on April 2, the LSSU-MSU Early Assurance Program provides preference to students who are likely to practice in an underserved geographic area or those who express interest in a high-need medical specialty area. 

"This program will be extremely beneficial to our pre-med program at Lake State and will put primary care physicians into the Upper Peninsula pipeline," said Nancy Kirkpatrick Ph.D., head of LSSU's Biology Dept. and an advisor to pre-professional students at LSSU. "It is a win-win situation."

Kirkpatrick noted that LSSU students have long been known for their performance in medical school and this new agreement will encourage even more LSSU students to take that path. In 2009, six LSSU students applied to various professional schools and all six were accepted, some at more than one school, including MSU College of Human Medicine, as well as schools of dentistry and optometry.

"Our early assurance program supports the mission of our college," said Marsha D. Rappley, MD, dean of the MSU College of Human Medicine. "Together with Lake Superior State University we will enhance our communities in the Upper Peninsula by offering medical school admission opportunity to local students and responding to the needs of the medically underserved."

In addition to meeting academic standards, students must demonstrate an interest in and knowledge of medicine through participation in the LSSU Pre-Professional Society, must obtain direct healthcare experience through volunteering, employment or acting as a job-shadow in medical/clinical settings, as well as demonstrate commitment to the service of humanity through consistent community service activities.

The program will start immediately with LSSU students who are intending to graduate in 2011. MSU will begin with one seat reserved for this program with LSSU.

Lake Superior State University joins The University of Michigan-Flint, Northern Michigan University, Michigan Technological University and Grand Valley State University as Michigan universities participating in the College of Human Medicine's Early Assurance Program.


Early Assurance Agreement signing event

OPENING A DOOR – Lake Superior State University President Tony
McLain and Marsha D. Rappley, MD, dean of the MSU College of 
Human Medicine, ink an agreement that provides enhanced 
opportunities for LSSU pre-med students to attend medical school
The EarlyAssurance Program gives preference to students likely
to practice in underserved geographic areas or those who express
interest in a high-need medical specialty area. Looking on (L-R)
are Jerry Kooiman, assistant dean of external relations for MSU 
College of Human Medicine; Barbara Keller, dean of LSSU's 
College of Natural, Mathematical and Health Sciences; LSSU 
student Vishnu Chander; Nancy Kirkpatrick, head of LSSU's 
Biology Dept. and an advisor to pre-professional students at 
LSSU; LSSU student Corey Dooley-Pfeiffer; and David Louma, 
community assistant dean, MSU College of Human Medicine 
Upper Peninsula campus. Chander and Dooley-Pfeifer are 
juniors from Sault Ste. Marie, Mich., majoring in biology with 
concentrations in pre-medicine. (Photo by John Shibley)