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Jeffrey Dwyer recognized as Michigan State University Extension Key Partner

December 19, 2011

Jeffrey Dwyer, Ph.D., professor of family medicine and associate dean for research and community engagement in MSU College of Human Medicine, received a Key Partner Award from MSU Extension during its annual Fall Extension Conference.

Dwyer was recognized for his role in helping expand MSU Extension’s work statewide in translating health science research into practice by medical professionals and by patients as they manage their own health.

Dwyer has been engaged in developing community-based research projects to better understand health care assets and health care needs in Michigan’s rural communities. He has also been a key proponent of connecting medical students with community-based research initiatives. Dwyer’s involvement with MSU Extension has led to projects such as the Gerontology Education Project, developed jointly with MSU Extension.


Jeffrey Dwyer, Ph.D.
Jeffrey Dwyer, Ph.D.