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2012 Gliozzo Clerical-Technical Award Winner: Deb Cleland!

November 16, 2012
By Sean R. Burns

The annual Gliozzo Clerical-Technical (CT) Recognition Award was founded in 2001 to acknowledge outstanding clerical and technical employees at MSU. The 2012 recipient of the CT Recognition Award is Deb Cleland.

For the past three years Deb has been a dedicated University employee, working within the College of Human Medicine West at the Secchia Center. Deb serves as the Family Medicine Clerkship Coordinator for all 3rd year students in the Grand Rapids community, and as a Credentials Coordinator for 4th year students who are applying to residency programs. Some of Deb’s job responsibilities include coordinating clinical experiences for her Family Medicine students, placing them in offices and hospital settings, and assisting 4th year students as they go through the process of applying to residency programs. She also serves as the faculty appointment coordinator for CHM West.

When asked how she felt about winning the award, Deb said, “It was totally unexpected. I was deeply humbled and honored to be recognized in this way by Michigan State University, my beloved alma mater.” She added, “It means the world to me to be recognized for doing something I truly love and feel honored to be doing…It makes me feel good to be of service to our students and to perform in my role at the highest level possible.”

Deb’s supervisor and four other staff members and physicians nominated her for the award. She feels honored that these individuals value her contribution to the team enough to have composed and sent such incredible letters in support of her nomination.

Deb thoroughly enjoys assisting students in whatever way she’s able and serving as their advocate. She wants her students to realize the importance of their role in the health care team. Her nearly twenty years of hospital experience provides insight she is happy to share with the students. Deb firmly believes that everyone plays an important role on the team, from doctors and nurses (she’s an RN) to the people cleaning rooms and delivering meals. Her goal is to help students better understand how they fit into the larger whole of the health care delivery system.

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